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From the Desk of Terry Allison

It is the all glorious initial first post of a new blog! Yeah! Well…you have to start somewhere, and somewhere is where I am! LOL

I understand the importance of blogging. And I do have a lot of blogs out there on the internet, mostly about passing on information about the health and wellness industry, and about a particular company that I work with in that industry.

This blog will be different for me in that I will talk more about what we are doing at SurfAholics TE. I will do my best to update you on any new things we have going on the traffic exchange, plus any new promotions we have running. And when we do have contests running, I will post the winners to the blog, so the winners will have extra exposure and get some good name recognition.

I have never considered myself a good writer or anything like that, even though I have written more papers than the average person, because of  college, preaching, and seminary. Even when I took over the leadership of the SurfAholics Alpha team, my team newsletters weren’t all that long, but to the point. I have been told that my writing style was more of a technical writer, if that tells you anything about my writing style. I do believe the more you do something, the more you will grow. And I have noticed that with my writings. Like I said, in the beginning, my writings were short and to the point. My writings are still to the point, but some of my teammates have been teasing me that they finished reading my book. LOL Anyway, as I continue to write more and more blogs, I hope that you will see growth in my writings as I write about my experiences of building a traffic exchange and advertising platform.

By the way, if you know that you should be blogging, but you are not, I would suggest taking the plunge. As the saying goes, ‘Let nothing stop you, but the fear of better judgment!’ In this case, the better judgment is to ‘Just do it!’ LOL You owe yourself the experience!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Owner of SurfAholics TE

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