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Whew! What a time we are having! We are in the middle of the second week of the CTP Big Foot Badge Hunt! I trust everyone is having a great time in finding their badges. We have 10 the CTP Big Foot badges spread out through the SurfAholics TE and its various platforms.

Last Thursday, we also had a cross-promo with Suzanne Howarth and her traffic exchange Hits and List Cafe. Cross-promos are great events for both traffic exchanges and its members, and creates activity levels to go up and gives the members of each traffic exchange to gain more credits, banner impressions, and texts impressions to promote even more a member’s advertising, and sometimes money is offered as incentives. We had a good turnout. We had 21 members from both traffic exchanges participating. For the members participating in the cross-promo, we had a special $1 jackpot prize random draw for five lucky winners at each traffic exchange, where five prizes of 20 cents each were given. The five lucky winners at SurfAholics TE were:

  • Joseantonio Morenofernandez
  • Stef Rose
  • Dani Samuelne
  • Isabel Barata
  • Raul Valean

Congratulations to these lucky winners, and thank you to all who participated. Everyone who participated are winners, because if nothing else, they received more credits, banner impressions, and text impressions for there own advertising, and maybe made a friend while surfing.

Suzanne and I both had fun, and look forward to providing our members more opportunties to promote their business.

Thank you all for supporting SurfAholics TE!

Terry L. Allison, Sr.
Owner of SurfAholics TE

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